The making of my own Charcoal…

Things I need:

-metal tin – willow – knife – logs – fire place


-peel the willow and cut into needed size

-put into the tin and wire shut

-light fire

-place the tin into the fire and leave for over 2 hours, let fire burn out and leave tin in the fireplace till morning

-take out of the fire place and walaaa, I will have my own Charcoal!

Probably easier said than done . . .


Willow peeling…

Fire starting…

Once I had put the tin into the fire, I had the time to relax and enjoy all of its beauty.

The next morning, I reached into the fire and pulled out something which resembled my tin, Now lacking its original perfect silver, it became dark and gritty, embedded with ash. I could barely contain my excitement!

The end product was an absolute joy!

Perfect homemade charcoal… and along with it, came the most gorgeous charcoal, deep in colour, with a magnificent natural look.

A skill I can now take with me wherever I may want to go!

  • Final photograph coming soon.




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